The Metamorphosis journey comes full circle with a tranquil white painting that embodies the core elements of light, serenity, and ultimate truth. The canvas is an immaculate canvas, a haven of unblemished purity.

“The Divine within Me has spoken,” as though an inner wisdom has shattered the silence. It symbolizes a moment of profound revelation, a connection with the divine emerging from the depths of the artist’s soul.

 “I reach to the light” with otherworldly brushstrokes evoking a sense of ascension towards a brilliant source. ” And I become light,”  signifies the artist’s fusion with the very essence of truth and light, a transcendent state of being.

“One is my only Truth” encapsulates the artist’s journey of reaching inward, embracing the divine, and uniting with the ultimate truth. This final painting indeed alludes to the pursuit of light, the ascension to a grand crescendo, and the quest for the ultimate truth.


Amira Joudeh