Vibrant colours seamlessly merge to convey the essence of harmony.

“All come together, All blend,” as an array of colours converges and interweaves, symbolizing the diverse facets of existence. This harmonious mix signifies the interconnectedness of all things, the interplay of energies, and the beauty that arises when differences unite in a collective dance.

“Only to make sense,” as the amalgamation of colours reveals an underlying order and logic within the apparent chaos. This sense-making is akin to the realization that, in unity, we find clarity and purpose “In a delicious surrender”. The colours relinquish their individuality in favour of a greater design. It is a surrender to the creative force that orchestrates life’s complexities, allowing for coexistence.

“It becomes the plan,” where all elements are vital components of a larger whole. “And the one true soul becomes the only guide,” the canvas concludes, highlighting the centrality of the inner self, the compass that leads the way amidst the symphony. The one true soul becomes the guiding force, steering the journey toward a purposeful existence.

Amira Joudeh