The subsequent painting emerges and breathes with deep shades of regal purples, embodying the essence of decisive empowerment.

As the cool colour begins to warm, the painting resonates with a newfound vitality, mirroring the transformation that takes place within the artist’s soul. “Empowered by my own knowledge,” the canvas begins, with hues shifting towards dynamic pigment, symbolizing the internal fire kindled by self-awareness.

“I venture further into the unknown”. The brushstrokes, resound like a chorus of once hesitant but now confident steps into the unexplored, embodying the courage found in embracing the unfamiliar “To find the voice,”

In the rich purples, viewers can almost hear the artist’s inner voice reverberating, and becoming a testament to the power of finding one’s noise amid the silence.

“To reclaim the colour of my soul, and anchor the Me back within me”. It’s a triumphant moment, a celebration of authenticity, and a bold assertion of individuality, as the colours harmonize in a crescendo.

Amira Joudeh