Within the depths of green hues, the story of “Creation” unfolds, much like the mysterious genesis of our own existence.

In the beginning, a path appears, a slender trail winding through the verdant uncharted wilderness, just as we might have appeared within the flashing colors, entirely naive, as if plucked from the canvas of life. This path serves as the gateway to a world waiting to be discovered, much like the birth of humanity itself, as we step onto this uncharted path of existence.

“Where footprints will lead the way,” the canvas whispers in silence, inviting the viewer to be guided by the artist’s strokes, just as we were guided by the hands of fate and evolution. The footprints represent the potential for others to walk their unique path, to leave their own indelible mark upon the world.

“On a journey of today, for the now,” the painting continues to speak, reminding us that creation is an ever-present and timeless act, mirroring the ongoing evolution and progress of humanity. Within this emerald expanse, the artist’s masterpiece, like life itself, reveals our naïve vision of the mesmerizing world.

Amira Joudeh