The canvas resonates “Layers of opinions stamp on Me,” with the idea that society’s opinions and external influences try to leave their mark on our individuality, much like people’s desire to impose their beliefs and experiences upon us. “Ideas whisper, distorting Me,” portrays the complex interplay between personal identity and societal norms, where ideas subtly distort our essence, akin to haunting shadows.

“Some run deep into the source of being,” Some aspects of conformity deeply penetrate the very core of our being, while others persist as haunting reminders, trailing behind us. “Others haunt the Me with shadows following,” These shadows symbolize the ongoing struggle between conforming to external pressures and staying true to our authentic selves.

“Reminders of all that was denied, rejected,” we are faced with an introspective mirror, encouraging viewers to confront the remnants of conformity within themselves, alluding to the persistent desire of others to stamp us with their beliefs and experiences.

Amira Joudeh