The canvas pulsates with intense crimson, capturing the objective of Amira’s quest for self-awareness. “I emerge,” as if from the very heart of the fiery red itself. The vivid hue symbolizes the awakening, the artist’s emergence into a newfound state of consciousness and self-discovery.

“I see the Me,” where the artist’s brush has brought to life the reflection of the true self. It is a moment of unadulterated clarity, an unveiling of the authentic identity, unburdened by external influences.

“No Mirrors in sight, No Mirrors to borrow, No shatters of glass,” as the crimson stands unbroken by reflective surfaces. “My pupils are there for me to see,” the canvas concludes, capturing the gaze of the artist’s own eyes. The deep red pupils reflect the artist’s inner vision, a mirror within, a window to the core of the soul, and the ultimate source of clarity.

Amira Joudeh