At the start of the fusioned hues branch, a striking blue painting stands as an embodiment of awakening and revelation. The canvas is a tapestry of deep, resonant blues, reflecting the profound depths of self-discovery.

The artist expresses “Under the running waterfall, I cleanse,”. Within the artwork, the portrayal of a figure under a cascading waterfall images a baptism of the soul in the cool, soothing embrace of blue. This moment of purification serves as a prelude to awakening, a release of burdens and past expectations.

“I find within Me the lost pages of knowledge that never left,” the narration continues, suggesting that knowledge is not external, but a forgotten inner treasure.

“That moment of ‘I understand,'” is a point of epiphany, where comprehension dawns like a radiant sunrise. The revelation is akin to an inner beacon, illuminating the path travelled thus far.

The understanding of past experiences into the very fabric of the artwork weaves into “The meaning of all the steps travelled”. It conveys the wisdom acquired through life’s journey, referring to the first chapter and offers viewers a chance to contemplate their own steps and the profound meaning found in each of them.

Amira Joudeh