In the ethereal realm of the White Chapter, a profound painting emerges after the fiery red, embodying the essence of acceptance.

“The layers fall off me, Like the leaves of autumn, crisp away, turn to dust” as delicate layers of colour shed from the canvas, reaching the autumn leaves gracefully cascading to the ground and capturing the ephemeral nature of transformation. The act of shedding layers is symbolic of the artist’s journey towards self-acceptance, letting go of external influences.

The discarded layers are “Blown by the wind,” depicting the process of release and renewal as the artist’s growing inner strength and self-awareness.

The white background takes on a soft luminescence, symbolizing the emergence of a newfound clarity. “That gentle force rising within me,” is the force of self-acceptance rising from within, guiding the artist towards authenticity.

“Exposing me, and I dare to shine”. Amira’s true self becomes the focal point and extends an invitation to embrace one’s true essence and to shine brightly in the world.

Amira Joudeh