Introducing Metamorphosis and me


In the series “Metamorphosis and Me”, Amira’s personal journey takes shape through the interplay of three distinct colour categories. Each canvas tells a story, inviting viewers to witness their own transformation within the shades.

The Odyssey commences with the soothing embrace of green, symbolising experiences accumulated over time. It reflects the artist’s life, rich with memories, challenges, and growth.

The narrative unfolds through a turbulent fusion of blue, red, and purple. These passionate and intense hues represent moments of profound change, as the artist grapples with life’s complexities. The shades shift and merge, portraying the constant flux of existence.

The journey finds its culmination in the pristine simplicity of white. It represents the arrival at a place of peace and acceptance. The canvas is a sanctuary of serenity, where the artist has embraced their true self and the beauty of life’s ever-unfolding metamorphosis.

The artist’s odyssey becomes a universal tale, a vivid reminder of our collective story through experience, transformation, and the ultimate arrival at a place of inner harmony. The pigments capture the essence of human existence, inviting viewers to reflect on their own colourful narratives.

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Amira Joudeh